About us

A bit of History

The City of Bristol Volleyball Club is a Bristol based volleyball club that caters to all skill levels. Our club currently consists of four men’s teams and two women’s teams that compete in the Southwest, Gloucestershire and National Leagues. We are also affiliated with the University of Bristol through its Open Sports Club Program.

The formation of the club occurred as a result of a merger between two of Bristol’s oldest volleyball clubs, Whitefield and Speedwell. The merger, which took place in the summer of 2004, was driven by goals shared by both clubs:

  • Improve the profile of volleyball as a sport in the UK
  • Increase volleyball participation in Bristol and surrounding areas
  • Create an environment to produce skilled athletes and winning teams

As a start, the merger is intended to allow people of all skill levels to play within one club. A vision for the next couple of years sees up to eight teams: four men’s and four women’s, competing in the various Southwest, Gloucestershire and National Leagues.

Our vision for participation also targets players from the University of Bristol clubs. It is hoped that providing students with an opportunity to play outside of the University will attract a more skilled and consistent player base for the University squads. Currently, the most talented players on University teams are students from the continent who only stay for one year. This, combined with the fact that EVA and BUSA student competitions take place over the course of a single weekend, mean that these squads don’t have the opportunity to develop a good program. The formation of the City of Bristol Volleyball Club, with the University as a key member, is intended to remedy this situation.

More information for students can be found in our students section.

Help Us!

City of Bristol Volleyball Club hopes to elevate the profile of volleyball both locally and in the UK. If you have any comments or ideas for helping us to promote our sport, or would like to sponsor our club, please contact us.